2nd-- Elaine Vaughn

5th –Michael Hunt

7th-- Hannah West

  Brandon & Heather West

8th -- Jerry and Elaine Vaughn

11th--Jayden Huskins

  James Forsyth

12th-- Darby Moraitakis

16th-- Halen Huskins

17th-- Ron Cannon

  Lee Darby

18th--Joe Barton

20th---Conner Wright

25th--Mickie Campbell

  Julie Lewis White

26th—Angie Robinson

27th--Tony Hufstetler

28th--Josh Marsingale 

31st-- Kent Womack

  Alyshia Reagan



1rst--- Bonnie Towe

2nd—Trey Alexander

5th ---- Jason Campbell

6th--Ricky & Janice Witt

7th—Donna Marsingel

8th ---- Tina Self

11th --- Ann Stancil

13th—McCayden Huftetler

14th----Brian and Sandy Cowart

15th--- Dot Stanley

  Sammie Towe

16th ---Jeff and Sharon Viktora

17th---Gerald Self

18th---Lindsey Campbell

  Shirley Cobb

  Monte Stansel

  Easton Cabe

22nd--Helen Mitchell

24th—Bryson Alcon-Vincent 



1rst--- Marissa Cannon

3rd ---Gordon West

4th --- Monty Teague

5th --- Joshua Brown

  Kaitlyn Belcher

  Ethan Belcher

6th---Corrie and Tony Cabe

7th -- Sandy Wallace

  Ruth Johnson

10th-- Elise Stewart

14th --Jerry Vaughn

16th --Kent and Sonya Womack

17th--Savannah Viktora

  Heath Cantrell

18th -- Tory Teague

  Zack Campbell

19th---Selena Register

21st—Shannon Vincent

25th -- Stephanie Nelson

  Reese James Cagle Green

29th -- Hamp Alexander


1rst --Glenda Duvall

  Raimee Brown

3rd-- Wayne and Debbie Cagle

  Wayne and Diane Ray

  Teresa Robinson

6th -- Faye Parker

7th---Zachary Turner

8th -- Trey Crump

11th -Monty and

  Mason Moraitakis

12th -- Hannah Hight

  Sean Mealor

13th -- Alan White

15th -- Betty Teague

17th--JOJO Gowens

19th--Janice Hunt

22nd--Charlie Gilliland

23rd--Emily Cagle

  Will Gowens

  Josh and Miranda Brown

24th--Colleen Barton 

25th--Sharon Viktora

26th--Ed and Marlene Belcher

28th--Aiden Viktora



5th –Gracie Cannon

9th -Corey Vincent

  Charlotte Belcher

6th--Beverly & Ricky Whitfield

16th Kenneth Cline

19th-Eddie & Dorothy Moss

21st- Charlie Stanley

25th - Amber Wallace

27th - Callie Viktora

30th -- Mark Wallace

  Riley Belcher

May 31--Sara Perry


4th Tammy Moraitakis

6th- Annie Robinson

  Blake Brown

  Reece Alexander

8th-Jason and Mickie Campbell

  Johnny Cantrell

9th- Don and Pat Tidwell

10th- April Huskins

12th--Cathy and Kenneth Cline

13th--Charlotte Coalson

16th—Kinsley Cook

17th- Deb Kirkpatrick

  Jermie & Tina Self

  Chase Mealor

  Kaitlyn Turner

  Janice Witt

18th--Rocky Dutton

  Jeff Viktora

  Brandon West

  Randy and Teresa Robinson

  James and Evelyn Braddy

19th--Rockey & Chrissy Crump

20th- Evelyn King

21st--Kim Mealor

22nd- Grayson Belcher

23rd- Mary Fran Dutton

  Stephanie Belcher

  Hoyt and Joan Nelson

26th--Joann Towe

27th- Kenneth King

  Lee Cline

29th- Noah Dutton


2nd- Gary Hibberts

3rd- Diane Alexander

  Evelyn & Kenneth King

  Tina & Steve Cochran

6th- Jonah Duvall

  Lisa Cline

7th- Gary and Sue Hibberts

  Sammy and Bonnie Towe

  James & Jennifer Forsythe

10th—Miranda Brown

11th- Greg Vincent

19th- Rocky and Tonna Dutton

21st—Kaeleigh Faye Parker

24th- Steve Moraitakis

28th- Sammy and Faye Parker

29th--Eddie Moss


1st---Steve Cochran

3rd- -Wayne Cagle

9th- -Kate King

15th- Kayla Self

  -Jane Cannon

17th-Mandy Cantrell

19th- Hillary Womack

20th--Pat Teague

22nd--Janice & Michael Hunt

23rd--JoAnne Garrett

24th- Cathy Cline

  Tyler Gowens

25th- Ethan Cagle

26th- Hoyt Campbell

  Jeremy Campbell

  Corrie Cabe

27th- Brain and Stephanie Belcher

28th---Gavin Cline



2nd--Brian Cowart

4th --Drew Davis

  JoJo & Susan Gowens

  Gwenona Crider

5th-- Linda Cowart

6th --Debbie Cagle

8th --Katie Moraitakis Beebee

10th-Dee Jackson

  Savannah Lynch

11th-Randy Robinson

  Dorothy Moss

12th-Sandy & Mark Wallace

  Beverly Whitfield

14th—Corey & Shannon Vincent

16th-Billy Womack

17th-Leon & Charlotte Coalson

  Janice & Michael Hunt

19th-Becky & Greg Vincent

21st—Heath and Mandy Cantrell

23rd—Nathanael Marsingeal

 24th-Eddie Belcher

  Byron Womack

  Donna Walraven

25th-Dustin Wallace

  Alan and Conie White

29th-Marlene Belcher

  Sue Hibberts

30--Nathan Cline

  David Cline 



7th --- Sonya Womack

11th-- Brian Belcher

13th -- Greg Hight

15th -- Susan Gowens

16th-- Connie White

17th -- Stephen Belcher

  Macy Hufstetler

18th --Hoyt Nelson

  Rickey Whitfield

20th -- Erin Cagle

24st --Kaitlyn Crump

25th --Louis Darby

27th -- Don Tidwell

  Greg and Cindy HIght

29th --Tina Cochran

  Brett Bramblett

30th -- Chrissy Crump

31st -- Becky Vincent


2nd--Justin West

3rd -- Bernice Campbell

4th -- Eunice Carney 

5th -- Angie Hufstetler  

  Chastity Hulet

6th---Tony Cabe

7th -- Patty Otto

  Leon Coalson

11th -- Jessica Bearden

12th - Cindy Hight,

  Dasisie Kirkpatrick,

  Pat Tidwell,  

13th -- Dustin Gowens

18th—Kylee Cabe

19th -- Julia Buffington

20th—Heather West

Paul Teague

23rd—Ruby Baggett

24th --Joan Nelson 

  Christi Campbell Kyle

27th -- Elaine Hight

  Hamp & Diane Alexander

28th—Margaret Hulet

29th -- Inez Stewart

  Phillip Krough

30th --Wayne Ray


1rst--Jennifer Belcher Forthye

4th-- Tonna Dutton

  Cathy White Gilland

5th –Addy Cook

7th---Cole Benefield

16th-Hoyt & Bernice Campbell

17th-Phillip Alexander

  Rockey Crump

18th—Dennis Marsingeal

  Natalie Cline

21st- Tony & Angie Hufstetler

23rd--Charles & Dot Stanley

  Ron & Jane Cannon

26th--Jan Carden

27th--Sandy Cowart

  Trey and Christy Alexander

28th—Jaxon Huskins

  Joe and Collene Barton

29th—Lisa Self