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Circumstances change and things look bad
Look toward heaven, let your soul be glad
Things come to our lives that we would like to bury
Rejoice in the Lord, let your heart be merry.
Rejoicing in the Lord makes us strong
To do that which is good, and flee from wrong
The blood of Jesus makes us free
Soul of joy and a heart filled with glee.
There are times it is difficult when skies are dark
To be cheerful in heart, like the song of a Lark
I know by experience the darkness of night
But by the Grace of God I still see the Light.
                                          Bill Herring

 " GRACE "  
What about this word Grace
That we should fall on our face
By the will of God, Grace came to be
Established in Jesus for the world to see.
By the Grace of God we breathe and live
In love and thankfulness, How much to give.
By the blood of Jesus we shall not perish
Through love and obedience, Jesus to cherish.
Jesus gave all for you and me
To open our hearts, that we may see
Without God's Grace our future would be
Eternity in Hell, with nowhere to flee.
                                        Bill Herring
What am I but of the dust
My treasures on earth will rot and rust
As I walk this path evil surely lurks
When I leave this life I carry only my works.
Indeed my life has purpose, and that is to serve
In obedience to God, and trying not to swerve
This life is not mine, but to live in Him
For this purpose He gives me strength, vigor , and vim.
What am I, but to love and obey
Regardless of what others may do or say
In this life there is much to concern
I pray to God for the gift to discern.
An earthern vessel indeed that I say
Has the Lord blessed, and not cast away
His mercy and grace I have known to this day
Pleasant is this, His peace at night I lay.
May the Lord bless you, this and every day
        Bill Herring    3-11-04

                           THE BIBLE
Bill Herring 01/22/04
Is your Bible put up in the house with care
Without a tear nor a sign of wear
Is it wrapped so very carefully and free from harm
Knowing it is safe, no need for alarm.
Is it so important to keep it like new
The use of it is a testimony, if we just knew
Does it matter if it is dog-eared and torn
Our letter from God should be worn.
Should our Bible look so new and smart
The word of God needs to be sown in our heart
So take your Bible out of wraps and even with a little dust
The word of truth is not a suggestion, but a must.
Leave the letter of God out, and ground yourself in truth
Strengthen yourself in faith, as the heart of Ruth
Applying the word will keep our paths straight
By obedience to the word may we pass through Heaven's gate.

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Ephesians 4:32