History of Our Church
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The name Oothcalooga means Peaceful Valley

Oothcalooga Baptist Church is located in the northern part of Bartow County. In 1835 the Oothcalooga Baptist Church was established in Cass County, which later became Bartow County. In 1887 a fraction of that Church was granted permission to form another church, which was named Oothcalooga Valley Church. In 1892 the Valley was dropped from the name of Oothcalooga Church.

On September 30, 1955 the church was destroyed by fire. Due to some faithful members they were able to rebuild and have services in the new church in less than a year.

In June 1986 all of the records were stolen and have not been able to be recovered. Because of the loss of all the permanent records, we hope that no one has been omitted.