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Oothcalooga Baptist Church ​2016 Christmas Card List

Michael and Janice Hunt

Monty and Anne Stansell

Faye Parker/ Kaeleigh

Doris Parker (shut in)

Dee Jackson/Patty

Charlotte Belcher

Shirley Cobb (shut in)

Julia Buffington

Tony and Angie Hufstetler/Macy/McCayden

Betty Teague/Monty/Tory

Elaine Hight

Greg and Cindy Hight/Hannah

Rocky and Tonna Dutton/Mary Fran/Noah

Mark and Sandy Wallace/Amber/Dustin

Hamp and Diane Alexander

Janelle Alexander

Eunice Carney

Mary Robinson

Greg and Becky Vincent

Corey and Shannon Vincent/Bryson

Hoyt and Joan Nelson/Stephanie

Jeff and Sharon Viktora/Callie/Savannah/Aiden

JoJo and Susan Gowens/Tyler/Will

Dustin Gowens and Cassie Williams/Aerie Rae

Zack and Jessica Bearden Ogburn

Leon and Charlotte Colson

Don and Pat Tidwell

Dennis and Donna Marsingale/Josh/Nathaniel

Brian and Sandy Cowart

Nik and Alycia Johnson

Helen Mitchell (shut in)

Kenneth and Cathy Cline

Lee and Amy Cline and family (military)

Ron and Jane Cannon

Kent and Sonya Womack

Brett and Hillary Bramblett

Drew Davis

Byron Womack

Billy Womack

Janice and Ricky Witt

Ed and Marlene Belcher

James and Jennifer Forsythe/Emma Taylor

Ethan/Grayson Belcher

Dave McHatton

Wayne and Debbie Cagle/Emily/Ethan

Erin Cagle/Reese

Charlie and Cathy Gilliland

Rockey and Chrissy Crump/Kaitlyn/Trey (military)

Tony and Corrie Cabe/Kylee/Easton (military)

Blaike/Raimee Brown

Kenneth and Evelyn King

Gerald and Tina Self/Kayla

Hoyt and Bernice Campbell

Jason and Mickie Campbell/Lindsey

Jeremy and Falena Campbell/Zach/Savannah/Brody/Sierra

Charlie and Dot Stanley

Wayne and Diane Ray

Steve and Tammy Moraitakis

Darby Moraitakis/Monty/Mason

Jimmy and Rose Darby

Gary and Sue Hibberts

Annie Abernathy (shut in)

Randy and Teresa Robinson 

Jerry and Elaine Vaughn

Kate King

April King/Halen/Jaden/Jaxton

Daisie Kirkpatrick

Deb Kirkpatrick (shut in)

Deborah Presley

Patty Williams

Eddie and Dorothy Moss (shut in)

Alan and Connie White

Colleen Barton

Steve and Tina Cochran

Pat Teague

Gwenona Crider

Brandon and Heather West/Hannah/Justin

Paul Teague

Ruth Johnson

Ruby Baggett

Ricky and Beverly Whitfield

Tim Logwood

JoAn Garrett/Renee and Cal

Gordon West (shut in)

Heath and Mandy Cantrell/Johnny

Julie Lewis

Winona Cantrell

Jasper and Lisa Wright/Savannah/ Connor/ Matthew

Selina Register/Kinsley and Addy Cook

Christy Stock

Larry and Freda Woodring

Nevile Harry

  ******any name left off or misspelled is purely accidental ****** 🎄